About Us

Reverend Frank Fishback has served our fellowship at Long Branch Baptist Church as Pastor since January of 2011. His heart for Biblical teaching and dedication to serving others is the basis for all he does to shepherd God’s flock. From teachings based on God’s word and examples of servitude, he brings guidance and inspiration to those who seek to be a child of God and the reality of what being a true disciple of Jesus Christ can mean in one’s life.

To join us

We are located at 5541 Long Branch Lane in The Plains, Virginia 20198.

From either Middleburg or the Plains, travel down State Route 626 and enjoy a 4-mile picturesque drive to the village of Halfway.

Watch for the sign for the church and turn onto Long Branch Lane.

Historical Highlights

In 1786, three years before George Washington became President and less than a year after the Virginia legislature made it legal for Baptists to meet, twenty five hardy souls set about to establish Long Branch Baptist Church in Northern Fauquier County.  Originally, the fellowship met in a log cabin.  In 1820, it was decided to build the stone church in which we still hold worship today. Many pastors have shepherded the congregation in biblical teachings and the Word of God.  The laymen of this church have made their mark on the surrounding area by bringing six churches out of the brotherhood of Christians at Long Branch. Before the Civil War, Long Branch was home to both black and white American Christians.  During the war, services were cancelled at times because the fighting was too close to be safe.  There have been many ups and downs for the fellowship both in numbers and in service to the community. The need for a new educational wing and a fellowship area was met in 1959.  Always being a part of the larger body through fellowship with others, Long Branch became completely independent in 1991. This fellowship has always stood for the truth of God’s word to his people and we continue to do so in every way possible.  Our understanding of God’s call on each of our lives is based on His Word.  Our ministry has always been guided by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, whether it be by gifts to others who serve Him or by our own active hands.  Many a soul has been brought to a belief in Jesus Christ by this fellowship over the years and we still dedicate ourselves and our resources to bringing in the lost and growing the saved in their relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

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